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Criminal Defence

Clifford Johnston has specialised in Criminal Defence for over 30 years. All of our Criminal lawyers have significant experience and together we have successfully defended our clients in a very large number of serious and high profile cases, ranging from Gang trials, mentally disordered clients accused of murder , anti- fascist protesters and securing the release of a detainee from Guantanamo Bay. We are committed to providing the best defence in any case where the citizen is accused of a crime or breach of a regulatory regime, from the Police Station to the European Court of Human Rights.  We have a reputation for meticulous preparation and the tenacious defence of our clients civil liberties in the criminal courts and the police station. We defend clients accused of a variety of offences. Whatever the offence we will use our skills and expertise to give you the best possible defence.

We believe everybody is entitled to be represented fearlessly and impartially. We represent and defend people from all sections of society. We are accessible and approachable.

Our Criminal Team are qualified criminal solicitors, who have many years of experience in criminal defence. We also have 2 Higher rights Advocates, Patrick Harris and Nicky Hal,l who between them have over 40 years experience in the Criminal courts. Nicky Hall is recognised as one of the top criminal lawyers in the North West, particularly in the criminal field of civil liberties and human rights. Patrick Harris is also recognised as an expert lawyer in the field of Mental Health and Crime.

We have close links with a number of prestigious barristers chambers, in the North West and London, working with leading, respected barristers with a commitment to civil liberties and incisive defence. This is an era marked by an ever increasing regulation and criminalisation of the citizens behavior. This is a time when human rights and social justice, and especially the accused’s right to a fair trial, is being dramatically eroded. We passionately believe, now more than ever, a person accused of any crime has the right to the best defence and to be represented by an experienced and dedicated criminal lawyer.

Criminal Defence Expertise

Criminal Defence Cases

Legal Aid and Costs.

Free representation is available to everybody at the police station. If you are charged with an offence we can represent you under the Criminal Legal Aid scheme. In the Magistrates Court Legal Aid is free of charge. In the Crown Court legal aid is now means tested and you may have to pay a contribution if you are working. We can advise you as to your eligibility.

We passionately believe that an accused person is entitled to the same high level of service irrespective off whether the case is publicly or privately funded . If Legal Aid is not available then we can represent you at a competitive and proportionate fee, which will be reimbursed if you are acquitted or the case is discontinued.

Emergency /Urgent Call Out Service

We operate an 24 hour emergency police station call out service for clients detained at the police station .We are also members of the Criminal Duty Solicitor Scheme. If you need help during normal office hours contact us at our office , but if you need emergency advice in the evenings, at night or over the weekend ,or are detained at a police station please call us on our emergency number.

1-Our Emergency Number is 07974316142.
2-Our office number from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) is 061 2492700.

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