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Wills and Probate

Thinking about what will happen once you have gone is something no one likes to think about. But making a will is your way of making things as easy as you can for your loved ones. A will helps to reduce delays and any confusion that may surround your estate.

What happens if you don’t make a will?

If you die without making a will then your possessions will automatically pass under the intestacy rules. This may not always provide the best provisions for your loved ones, and they may not always be in line with what you would have chosen.

Why should I make a will?

By making a will you will be providing a legal statement that ensures your wishes are kept following your death.

There are a many reasons why you should make a will, these include:

  • Deciding how your assets are shared and divided
  • Ensuring your partner or spouse is provided for
  • Reducing the liability of your estate to pay inheritance tax
  • If you are unmarried or are divorced you can ensure that your current or former partner is
    provided for

How much will it cost?

Here at Clifford Johnston we charge £200 plus vat of £40 to prepare one will. We charge £250 plus vat of £50 to prepare mirror wills. A mirror will is when a couple
make the same wills.

If your will is complex we may need to charge a higher price. We can also arrange home visits or hospital visits should you require. This is charged at an additional fee of £30 plus vat.


We also offer full probate services. Should you instruct us your case it will be in the safe hands of Christopher Furbey.

Many of our probate clients are experiencing great levels of distress due to bereavement and here at Clifford Johnston we treat all of our clients with respect and dignity.

Our probate services cost £60 for an initial half hour consultation. The probate procedure will be discussed and advice will be given.Here at Clifford Johnston we have expertise covering a wide range of wills and probate issues.

Other services

The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 is something we have great understanding of and have considerable experience in dealing with claims in this area.

If you feel that inadequate provisions have been made for you since the death of someone whom you were dependent on, then contact us today.

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