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Illegal Eviction Solicitors

If you believe that you have been unlawfully evicted or that your landlord is trying to evict you without following the full legal process, you need immediate advice from a trusted firm of solicitors.

Unlawful eviction is a criminal offence (also known as wrongful eviction or illegal eviction) and the law is there to protect you, your interests and your home.

If your landlord has not followed the correct procedures you may be able to claim compensation for illegal eviction.

At Clifford Johnston & Co. we understand how stressful disputes with your landlord can be and how vulnerable you can feel. We will offer fair and balanced advice based on your individual situation and will act swiftly to challenge any landlord found to be acting illegally to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

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What is Unlawful Eviction?

There are very few situations where a landlord is legally able to evict you. It can only be done through a court order and if your landlord does not follow the correct legal process they can face prosecution.

There are a number of ways in which a landlord could breach the rules including:

  • Changing the locks to the property
  • Removing your access to some or all of the property
  • Removing your belongings from the property
  • Threatening or forcing you to leave the property
  • Physically removing you from the property

Your rights as a Tenant

The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 safeguards the rights of all tenants across England and Wales and makes certain that no one loses their home because of the illegal or unfair actions of unscrupulous landlords.  The Act ensures that landlords cannot evict their tenants without suitable grounds and the necessary court order.

If a landlord wants to take possession of a property, there is a certain legal process that must be followed:

  • Your landlord must inform you in writing of their intention to take possession of the property.
  • Your landlord must give you a minimum notice period.
  • If you don’t leave the property at the end of the notice period, your landlord can then apply to the court for a possession order.
  • Only a court-appointed bailiff can remove a private tenant from a property and a landlord is never legally permitted to do so.

How our Tenant Services Solicitors can help

We have a specialist team of Landlord & Tenant Solicitors at Clifford Johnston & Co. with years’ of experience in helping tenants to settle disputes with problem landlords, including cases of illegal evictions. We have a strong reputation for successfully helping those who have fallen victim to being unlawfully evicted.

If you have been unlawfully evicted, we can apply to the court for an injunction allowing you to regain access to you home and will ensure you receive financial recompense for the time you have been prevented from living in the property. We will also work with you to ensure that you report any abusive or violent behaviour perpetrated by your landlord to the police.

If you have been served an eviction notice we can advise you on your options and how best to respond. It is important that you don’t ignore such correspondence and we will help you to find a way forward.

If you are in rent arrears, there are a number of agencies and organisations that are able to help and we will be able to advise you on your options so that you don’t have to lose your home.

We regularly advise clients on all areas of illegal eviction and have an excellent track record of supporting those who are in very real need of our help.

Legal Aid Funding for Illegal Eviction Claims

Legal fees are often unexpected and you may worry how you will afford them. However you may qualify for legal aid, which would relieve the financial burden and allow you to pursue legal action. Our solicitors can advise you on your eligibility and will guide you through the application process to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

By choosing to work with us you will have an exceptional team fighting your corner and one that is renowned across the industry for providing the highest standards of legal representation.

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