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Rising Costs of Immigration Applications

Fees for Immigration & Nationality applications have steadily risen since 2010 under the “hostile environment” policy and for anyone who has ever had to make an immigration application will know that the fees are not cheap. The fees generally go up every year in April.

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders & Immigration has recently launched an enquiry into the charges. The purpose of the inspection is to look at the rationale for the fees, including the amounts charged.

Reportedly, the Home Office made profits of up to 800% on some immigration applications from families. For example, a current adult naturalisation application is charged at £1330, however, statistics show that the average cost to the Home Office of processing a naturalisation application is £372.

The cost of a settlement visa for a dependant relative currently stands at £3,250 and in 2008/09 the same application cost £585 – an increase of 450%. That’s a pretty big mark up for the Home Office!

Figures released to the BBC showed the Home Office made £800m in revenue from fees in six years.

It is important to note that the fees payable to the Home Office are non-refundable, and therefore if an application is refused, the Home Office retain the fee (except in naturalisation applications, where applicants are refunded £80 which is attributed to the citizenship ceremony).

At Clifford Johnston Solicitors we can advise on eligibility and carry out an assessment before you to commit to making an application. We also offer a checking service for those who prefer to prepare the application themselves, or we can cater for those who need guiding through the whole process from start to finish.

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