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At Clifford Johnston & Co, we understand completely the emotional toll that separation and divorce can take, particularly when there are children involved.

You may be concerned about parental responsibility, need advice on how to best act in your child’s interests or be unable to come to an agreement on where they should live or when they should spend time with each parent. Whatever the issue, our team of family law specialists will provide you with bespoke legal advice, tailored to your particular situation to help you to reach a swift and positive resolution.

We frequently help families dealing with the impact of divorce and will handle your case sensitively and with compassion throughout.

Your family is our priority and we are here to help.

I am getting a divorce/separating from my partner. What will happen to my children?

Most divorcing or separating parents make the decisions relating to their children between themselves without the need for any intervention by the courts. Where this is not possible, we are here to offer maximum support and guidance throughout any negotiations, with the welfare of your child paramount in any discussion and dialogue.

If mediation fails for any reason and you find that you are unable to come to an agreement regarding the arrangements for your children, a parent can refer the questions that need deciding to the court and a Judge will decide where they should live and when they will spend time with their other parent. The court must make decision in your child’s best interests and taking into consideration their feelings and wishes (in the light of their age and understanding), how any change is likely to affect them, their individual emotional, physical and educational needs, the capability of each parent, and certain characteristics of the child such as age, gender, background and anything else that the court considers to be relevant.

What are Child Arrangement Orders?

Child Arrangement Orders deal with issues such as which parent children will live with, and how much time the children will spend with the other parent.

It is now quite common that a court will order that children will ‘live with’ both parents, in order to stress that the children have a home with both parents, and the court will at the same time say what proportion of time the children will spend in each home – it will not necessarily order an equal amount.

The court can also be asked to make other types of rulings known as Specific Issue Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders, relating to issues such as concerning where a child will be educated, the taking of children abroad, how a child will be medically treated and brought up religiously.

We always do our utmost to help clients seek a resolution about their children’s living arrangements through mediation and negotiation and we have an excellent success rate with this approach.

In instances where this isn’t the best way to proceed, we can help you to apply for an order and support you through the legal process.

Our Child Law Expertise

Your children are the most important people in your life so we want to help you reach a resolution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to help minimise the upheaval for all of you and to help reduce the impact on your children.

Our discussions with you about their living arrangements following a divorce or separation are among the most important you will ever have so we will provide you with clear, straight-forward advice to ensure that you are fully informed and involved at all stages. We pride ourselves on our understanding and supportive approach and our friendly team will immediately put you at your ease.

Dealing with disputes need not result in court proceedings, which are always considered to be a last resort. We can engage in negotiations on your behalf, or simply advise you how to undertake your own. We can also help you to set up mediation sessions with a specialist Family Mediator, and we can assist you in drawing up a Parental Responsibility agreement which will act as a template for future child arrangements. If agreement cannot be reached and court proceedings are issued, we will be there to guide you through these with as little animosity as possible between the parents and as little impact as possible on the children.

Whatever stage you are at in your separation or divorce proceedings you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to achieve a positive conclusion for all involved as quickly as possible.

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