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For help with matters related to probate, contact our Probate Solicitors in Manchester or Stockport for reliable, confidential and affordable advice.

Losing someone close to you is incredibly difficult but if you are also an executor of the will the stress you are under can be heightened due to the many legal issues that need attending to.

At Clifford Johnston & Co. our team of Probate Solicitors are mindful of the overwhelming stress that bereaved relatives and friends are often under and work hard to ease any additional worry and concern that dealing with probate can bring.

We can support and guide you during this time ensuring that probate and any other outstanding issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is Probate?

Probate is the financial and legal process of settling someone’s estate. When you apply to manage someone’s money, property, and possessions after they have died you are ‘applying for probate’. The Probate Registry Office will then confirm that the will is genuine and valid before issuing the Grant of Probate. This is the legal document that allows the executors to begin dealing with the estate and distributing the assets as detailed in the will. Duties of the executors include:

  • Gathering any required information.
  • Informing the necessary authorities.
  • Obtaining valuations of the assets.
  • Releasing the assets.
  • Paying any outstanding bills.
  • Settling any outstanding debts.
  • Distributing the remainder of the estate between beneficiaries.

Dealing with probate can be both time-consuming and confusing but at Clifford Johnston & Co. we can offer our legal expertise to help make the process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

Fixed Fee Probate Services.

Probate can be complicated.  Every Estate is different, and many factors can affect the complexity of sorting out what happens to someone’s assets. Once we have gained an understanding of the deceased person’s Estate, we will provide you with a Fixed Fee Probate quote.  The price of our probate services are based on the value and nature of the assets, whether or not there is a Will, whether or not there are any debts and the number of beneficiaries.

Once we have provided you with a written fixed fee probate quote, the price will not change unless the information we were provided with is shown not to be correct, or circumstances change during the process.

For more information about our Fixed Fee Probate Services contact us today.

Our Probate Expertise

Our exceptional team of Probate Solicitors are recognised for their specialism and skill in this field. We have the experience and technical knowledge that you should expect from your legal advisers to help minimise the weight of your responsibility.

We can be involved for as much or as little of the probate process as you need and will tailor our services to your own particular requirements.

A Probate Lawyer will manage all aspects of probate on your behalf or can advise or support on specific areas including:

  • Applying for the Grant of Probate.
  • Preparing the estate accounts.
  • Advising on and dealing with inheritance tax issues including liaising with HMRC.
  • Preparing and submitting the tax forms.
  • Managing the sale of any property, land or assets.
  • Handling the transfer of any property, land or assets.

We are highly experienced in resolving the most complex of situations and regularly deal with estates where:

  • There is no will.
  • There are doubts surrounding the will’s validity.
  • Dependents have been left out of a will and want to make a claim on the estate.
  • The estate is subject to complicated taxes.
  • The estate is bankrupt (known as insolvent).
  • The estate includes foreign property or assets.

Whatever you need from us, we can help and pride ourselves on our friendly and personable approach that will put you at your ease. We will handle your situation with sensitivity and understanding to take as much of the emotional stress away from you as we can. We will provide you with clear, coherent advice from the outset so that you are fully informed throughout.

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Whether you need us for one-off advice or for ongoing management of the probate process, as leading probate specialists, you will find that we are well placed to offer you the best possible support and guidance.  We can also offer Fixed Fee Probate Services.

With over 35 years we are leading Probate Solicitors in Stockport and Manchester delivering professional services from our offices in Heaton Moor and Burnage.

We will always respond promptly, and we will be happy to help.

Our Probate Solicitors in Stockport and Manchester aim to build lasting relationships with our clients. Most of our work comes from existing clients, referrals and recommendations.

Clifford Johnston & Co. have long been recognised for our expertise in Wills, Probate and Trusts. Our Wills Solicitors in Manchester act regularly for clients from across the North West and Cheshire including Altrincham, Hale, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Knutsford.

As recognised experts in estate administration, we can support your needs wherever you live in England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Call our Wills and Probate Solicitors at our Manchester or Stockport offices today for more information.

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