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Have you recently been issued a formal warning from the GMC that you believe is unjust?

You can count on us to defend your position and limit any damage to your professional reputation. We will support you throughout the process, delivering clear, concise advice at every stage.

Many medical professionals fail to recognise the significant implications of accepting a formal warning, nor the risks associated with disputing it. Receiving a warning can have a crucial impact on your career, affecting your progression and damaging your reputation.

At Clifford Johnston & Co, we understand the stress and anxiety a warning from the GMC can cause you. Our highly accredited law firm, led by experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer Jared McNally, has the skills and expertise to guide you through proceedings with GMC, advising the suitability of warnings and undertakings. Our meticulous approach and commitment to protecting your reputation positions us as one of the UK’s leading teams of GMC defence solicitors.

Based in Stockport and Manchester, our regulatory law solicitors represent doctors across England and Wales. As well as representation for warnings, our comprehensive GMC advice covers a wide range of matters, including:

  • MPTS representation
  • MPTS hearings
  • GMC PTS interim orders
  • GMC provisional enquiries
  • GMC MPTS health cases
  • GMC MPTS appeals
  • GMC MPT FTP appeals

We understand the anxiety and stress associated with dealings with GMC and aim to make the proceedings as smooth and manageable as possible. We will work closely alongside you throughout the process, delivering high-quality service and clear, concise legal advice at each step, ensuring you receive the highest standard of legal representation.

When might a GMC warning be issued?

The GMC issues warnings to suggest that a doctor’s performance or behaviour has been below the standards expected of medical professionals and should not continue without imposed restrictions. This does not apply when the concerns about a doctor relate solely to mental or physical health.

When the GMC investigates a complaint, two case examiners will first review the case—one medical and one lay. The examiners have several options available and will determine what action the GMC should take concerning the questioned behaviour. They can:

  • refer the matter to the MPTS to decide whether the doctor’s fitness to practise is impaired,
  • conclude the matter with a finding of a ‘no case to answer,’
  • agree undertakings with the doctor, or
  • issue a warning.

What is the process for issuing a GMC warning?

Once the case examiners determine that a warning is the appropriate disposal, the GMC will contact the doctor asking for their comments, to which the doctor has 28 days to respond accordingly. If the case examiners disagree, or the doctor disputes the facts/opposes the warning, an Investigation Committee will become involved. The Investigation Committee will decide at a public hearing whether a warning should be issued.

It is crucial to know that the GMC publicises the outcomes of public hearings on its website, which can significantly impact your reputation.

If you have received a formal warning from the GMC and disagree with its deployment or wish to dispute the alleged facts, we recommend contacting a solicitor promptly before proceeding.

At Clifford Johnston & Co, we can advise you on the appropriate action to take and attempt to resolve the situation amicably without further investigation or harm to your professional standing.

What impact does a GMC warning have?

Although a warning will not prevent you from holding a licence to practise and does not restrict your registration, it will become public knowledge and can often be unfairly misunderstood.

The List of Registered Medical Practitioners (LRMP) will publicise the warning, which any enquirer can access for five years. Although after five years, the warning will not be accessible on the LRMP, it will stay on file indefinitely, and employers can gain access to it upon request.

It is fair to say that while the aim of warnings is to eliminate less critical concerns without determining fault, many employers, contracting bodies and patients fail to understand their intended effect; this can lead to assumptions that warnings indicate more serious issues.

Therefore, the impact of the LRMP publishing your name against a GMC warning could negatively impact your reputation and career.

What should you do if you’re offered a GMC warning?

If you’ve been issued a warning by the GMC, we strongly recommend seeking legal advice before making your submission. Whether you decide to agree to the warning or challenge it will depend on numerous variables, including:

  • The nature of the alleged conduct
  • Your response to risk and publicity following the complaint
  • Any mitigating factors you can present
  • The chances of an unfavourable outcome if the case goes further

We recommend accepting a formal warning if there is evidence of a clear breach of standards. However, without such evidence, we advise you to challenge its imposition to protect your reputation.

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If you’re a doctor and have recently received a GMC warning, you can count on us to defend your position and limit any damage to your professional reputation. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the Investigation Committee and its strategies during hearings, which we can use to your advantage in search of the optimum outcome for you.

Our GMC solicitors will support you throughout the process, delivering clear, concise advice at every stage.

We take pride in our professional discipline services and the positive difference our expert Stockport and Manchester solicitors make for our clients.

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