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Will writing & Drafting a Will

Will Writing Solicitors: Making a Will


Writing a Will is the only way to ensure your wishes are upheld after you've gone.

It's very easy to put it off, but if you want to protect the interests of your loved and control what happens to your assets, you need to write a will.

The Will Writing Solicitor at Clifford Johnston and Co. can help you set out exactly what you want to happen to your money, property and possessions, giving you peace of mind that the important decisions will be taken care of and that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes.

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Do I need a will?

It is essential to plan ahead if you want to have control over what happens to your estate in the future. A will is a legally binding document that allows you complete control over what happens after you’ve gone and who will benefit from your legacy.

It is one of the most important documents you will ever make and addresses matters such as:

  • Who you want to care for your children.
  • How you want your assets to be distributed.
  • Who you wish to appoint as executors of your will.
  • How to protect your assets for the next generation.
  • What you would like your funeral to be like.

Planning ahead and putting your affairs in order will make things easier for your family and loved ones and will also ensure that your beneficiaries benefit from any tax relief or exemptions available to them.

What happens if I don't write a will?

If you die without making a will, your estate will become subject to the rules of intestacy, which means that your assets could be distributed contrary to your wishes.

The rules of intestacy don’t recognise unmarried partners or step-children so it is likely that without a will your assets won’t be passed to those closest to you. No provision will be made for those not directly related to you and you will not be able to give to your favourite charities. If no blood relatives can be found, your estate could even pass to the crown.

If you are separated but not divorced, your estranged spouse will be in line to inherit your estate and will also be responsible for its administration. You won’t have a say in who will look after your children if they are under 18, and you won’t have any control over the age at which they receive their inheritance.

Your estate could also be liable to pay much more in inheritance tax than would otherwise have been necessary.

A will is the only way that you can be certain that your loved ones and their interests are safeguarded so to avoid potential issues for them in the future, it is advisable to arrange yours as soon as possible.

Making Your Will

Forward planning often seems unnecessary, uncomfortable or complicated but it is the only way to protect your assets and guarantee that they are distributed as you would want. With the right legal advice it can be a quick, simple and positive process that will secure your family’s future.

Anyone over the age of 18 and of sound mind can make a will but the considerations involved can throw up some complicated and confusing issues, which is why it is always best to take legal advice.

By choosing to work with Clifford Johnston & Co you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best legal advice from our highly skilled and experienced solicitors. We offer a comprehensive and thorough wills service and can help you at all stages of the process including:

  • Preparing a draft copy for your approval before you sign the final version.
  • Ensuring the will is valid and signed correctly.
  • Providing you with a copy of your will.
  • Storing your will securely, if required.

We can also provide advice on setting up trusts for children under the age of 18, inheritance tax, probate issues and lasting powers of attorney.

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