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Daimian Mullarkey

Daimian Mullarkey


Daimian is an experienced Solicitor Advocate and Duty Solicitor who has represented clients alleged to have committed offences of all types from simple shop theft to murder in both the Magistrates and Crown Court.

With a strong reputation, Daimian represents individuals across the UK dealing with high profile cases ranging from murder, money laundering, modern slavery, serious sexual offences and numerous matters relating to conspiracy to supply drugs.

Daimian is a highly skilled, tenacious advocate who has a no nonsense approach and as such has an enviable trial record.

Often dealing with matters from inception at a Police Station to conclusion at Court, Daimian has a forensic approach to preparing cases and takes nothing for granted ensuing that the Prosecutions’ case/evidence is tested at all times.


  • Notable Criminal Cases

    Murder/Manslaughter Cases

    R v CW and other – successfully represented youth charged with murder where a knife was used.

    R v JH – successfully represented a male accused of the murder of children from the same household.

    R v RS – successfully represented a youth charged with murder where it was alleged that he had been involved in a gang attack.

    R v JC & ZC – successfully represented two juvenile brothers charged with attempted murder following the discharge of a firearm involving two rival gangs.

    R v ML & RL – successfully represented two brothers involved in a highly complex murder.

    R v COB – represented a male accused of committing a ‘one punch’ manslaughter, involving complex medical issues.

    R v DJ – successfully represented a juvenile charged with arson (to the value of £7 million) and subsequent manslaughter of an individual who perished as consequence of such.

    Conspiracy Cases

    R v PE – represented Defendant alleged to have be part of a large organised criminal gang charged with offences of conspiracy to rob and burgle involving the targeting of high value properties and individuals in the Cheshire area

    R v AB – represented an individual alleged to have been involved in the supply of class A drugs to the Portsmouth area

    R v MM – represented an individual allegedly involved in an organised criminal gang who committed a series of criminal offences in North Wales.

    R v NM – represented individual described as a ‘rogue builder’ alleged, with others, to have defrauded the elderly in the Birmingham area.

    Money laundering/Fraud Cases

    R v AK – represented a Defendant involved in the laundering of over £1 million in cash arising from organised criminal activity.

    R v SF – represented an individual prosecuted in relation to high value and complex benefit fraud.

    R v K – represented Defendant in relation to high value mortgage fraud involving High St and organised criminal gangs.

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